The Fool - represents the beginning and suggests infinite possibilities
Magician - action and initiative…but also immaturity
Priestess - contemplation and inner knowledge
Empress - motherhood and the life it brings forth
Emperor - fathering and relates to leadership and decision making skills
Hierophant - formality and knowledge, and stands for religion
Lovers - choice. The individual’s consciousness has finally surfaced
Chariot - victory for the individual but only a momentary one.
Justice - the knowledge of what is right, and what is wrong.
Hermit - the individual’s search for answers by looking inward deep inside his heart.
Fortune - fate, and the opportunities that come with it.
Strength - both passion and self-control. It is depicted as power with reason.
Hanged Man - reflects the individual’s inability to take action.
Spiritual death awaits the individual with the 13th card, which is aptly named Death.
Death is considered a transitional card. The old ends, and the new begins.
Temperance - the balancing of opposites. Opening his eyes to the world allows the individual to grow…
And as The Devil represents, he then faces temptation…
At The Tower, his values collapse on him. It seems as if he no longer has anything to believe in, but…
He then finds a glimmer of hope, represented by The Star; and he is suffused with a serene calm.
The bliss makes him vulnerable to the illusions of The Moon.
Fears arise, and he follows the dim path in his heart with trepidation…
But he is rewarded with a bright future, represented by The Sun, which signifies true achievement.
Jugdment awaits the individual at the end of his journey, as he looks back on the path he has traveled.
The final card is The World which represents the individual’s full awareness of his place in the world.
That is the growth of an individual as explained by the tarot cards.

this game made me want my own set of these tarot cards

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